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DMAX® 450
Algal DHA

DMAX® 450 Algal DHA in different formats
Doubtful developer about launching the right Omega 3 product

Plant-based is the future

As a business developer you were comfortable seeing your fish-based DHA product grow from strength to strength, until last year when the supply of fish oil stopped due to climate changes & sea water temperature. Now you had to be fearful of losing this business and what alternatives may be out there? What does the future hold?

We certainly understand where you are coming from! Fish oil for supplements is not a good long term bet and if you want to bring the benefits of omega 3, you’d better make the switch now. 

DMAX® 450 algal oil is a cost effective source of winterized DHA that can fully replace your high DHA fish oil with less refining efforts, no dioxins, 3-MPCD or PCB scares, just good old DHA for your product. 

DHA for health

Docosahexanoic acid is a long chain omega 3 fatty acids found in most nerve tissues, like brain and eye cells. It primarily functions as a building block that assists in signal transduction. Over the last decades, further evidence has been collected on bioconversion of DHA into inflammation-reducing resolvins. These resolvins are believed to play a vital part in the protection of brain tissue during oxygen deprivation. 

The intake of DHA is a major contributor to increase of the omega 3 index, which is positively correlated with a lower chance of CVD. 

Are you interested to understand more of the benefits of DMAX® 450 DHA or would like to know which official health claims you can make?

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Packaging options

DMAX® is available as bulk and used as input for several (Private Label) formulations like Vegan Soft Gels, Vegan CLO and other liquid formulations.

DMAX® Bulk Oil


Comes in 25 or 190kg steel drums that are filled under nitrogen.

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DMAX® Vegan Soft Gels

Vegan Soft Gels

Off-the-shelf 250mg DHA per vegan soft gels packed into boxes of 7000 each, MOQ of 49,000. Available in bulk or Private Label.

Develop your formulation

Design your own

Your unique Omega 3 formula boosted with additional (fat-soluble) active ingredients or natural flavourings. Develop with Lus Health!

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Launch your Algal DHA product in 5 easy steps!

Developing a successful product takes time, but it should not be difficult! 

These are the steps to success:



And discuss.

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And design.

Jointly design your unique formula or decide on the requirements for your off-the-shelf product or ingredient.



And get a sample.

Receive your offer, (custom-made) samples and any other needed (QA) documents for your team to make a decision.



And receive.

Everything looks good? Place your order and receive the product in your warehouse soon!



And serve.

Serve happy customers, be a leader making a positive impact on the health of people and the planet!

Confident leader in the plant based Omega 3 market

Unique, fitting & successful

Since the first plant-based DHA oil products emerged, you've been intrigued. Unsure if algal oils would truly succeed, you hesitated to launch a product immediately. Observing your competitors' success, you eventually followed suit. While this led to some success, you know you're capable of much more than just following trends!

Now, it's clear that algal omega-3 is here to stay. With this in mind, you're motivated to develop the products your consumers crave, paving the way for your success. By creating a comprehensive range of sustainable and distinctive algal-based omega-3 products for your brand, you've set a new standard in the industry. You're acknowledged as a leader in your market, with tomorrow's followers seeking to emulate your success instead of the other way around!

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In general we can deliver within 4 weeks as we hold stock.

This stand for Total Oxidation Value which is measured by 2 x peroxide value and 1 x para-anasidine value.

Please contact info@lushealth.com and we will supply you with a trademark agreement to review and discuss the steps.

Yes many (for example on heart or brain) , please contact us as info@lushealth.com if you are in need of guidance.

As algae are grown in an closed environment, no pollutants get into the product. The oil is safe and is only refined lightly to remover oxidation products.

The algae, schizochytrium, are grown in fermentation vessels until maturity. Once a batch is done, it is treated with enzymes to release the oil which is then separated and lightly refined until put in their final container. 

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