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Avocado Oil Powder

Avocados have a great reputation with consumers as a healthy fat source. The oil is becoming popular as a cooking and salad oil, appreciated by many for its taste and versatile use. Our ZerøCarb™ Avocado Oil Powder has a 50% fat load and is a nutritional fat powder with guaranteed levels of omega 7 and 9. The product is plant-based, allergen-free, has no carbs and fits within a clean label product. We see it used mostly in (green) shakes for its connotation. What will you make with it?

Developer working with avocado oil powder
Frustrated developer searching for a clean avocado oil powder

How to find the right powder

Are you a developer in the sports & diet food market looking to upgrade your nutritional shake with creamy avocado oil powder?

Market-standard available avocado oil powders are often based upon dairy proteins, filled with carbohydrates, emulsifiers, and free-flow agents. And often not even available via a supplier in Europe! You now find yourself feeling frustrated, struggling to find the right product.

We understand this all too well and that is why we developed an avocado oil powder without the carbohydrates, but with prebiotic fibers! So that you can create your plant-based, clean label and allergen-free product, worry free.

The power of avocado oil

Avocado oil boasts a wealth of beneficial characteristics, including its richness in omega 9 and the noteworthy omega 7 fatty acid, palmitoleic acid. Research has indicated that palmitoleic acid contributes to increased satiety, making it an ideal addition to (green) diet shakes.

Furthermore, both omega 9 (oleic acid) and omega 7 (palmitoleic acid) are classified as monounsaturated fatty acids, ensuring exceptional stability in both oil and powder forms, regardless of your chosen application.

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Avocado Oil Powder is an ideal ingredient for diet- and green shakes. Find out how we can help design your product!

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Launch your low-carb product in 5 easy steps!

Developing a successful product takes time, but it should not be difficult!

These are the steps to success:



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Become an avocado king or queen

In your role as a developer, you seek to enhance plant-based food products. You were unsure what source of fat to use to upgrade your product and you chose an easy-to-find product. Later on, it turned out to be full of carbohydrates, negating the positive benefits of your chosen fat source and letting down your consumer target group. You knew there had to be something better and you found avocado oil powder based upon pre-biotic acacia fibers. Rich in omega 9 and a source of omega 7, presenting a tasty fat powder that is also good for gut health. What a home-run, now you can present your product as a clean-label health shake that sits well with consumers and makes you the Avocado King / Queen of your company!

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No we don’t, we use a technology that can spray dry without the use of emulsifiers

Definitely not, this is an absolute no-go for us. No free flow agents are used nor any other hidden ingredients

For avocado oil powder we use a mix of alpha tocopherol and ascorbyl palmitate to stabilize the product.

Please contact info@lushealth.com to get in touch with one of our powder experts! Or check out this page how we can help you develop your formulation.

We provide a range of carb-free fat powders. Click here to go to the full overview.


24 months

Very light avocado oil flavour but best to ask a sample and try for yourself!

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