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Veganergy® Palm Free MCT Powder

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Frustrated developer who can't find the right Palm Free MCT Powder

Clean label frustration

As you seek to incorporate a carb-free creamy coconut-based MCT into your low-carb or keto shake, you find yourself facing several hurdles. You struggle to find a product free from carbohydrates matching with your brand's clean label standards. Frustration builds up as you only come across fat powders containing glucose syrup, maltodextrin or other unnecessary ingredients like sodium caseinate or silicon dioxide. You strongly believe that your customers deserve an effective clean label product, reflecting your commitment to transparency and quality. 

We totally feel your frustration and that is exactly why we have developed our Veganergy® Palm Free MCT powder with just 2 ingredients: MCT oil and prebiotic acacia fibers.

MCT powder for keto and beyond!

Explore the versatility of Veganergy® MCT powder with two options for keto consumers as well as a broader target group looking for that creamy energy boost. One option, Pure C8 MCT powder, is also known as the King of Ketones. Pure C8 (caprylic acid) swiftly converts into ketones, ideal for ketogenic diets, promoting a fat-burning state and sustaining ketosis. Studies demonstrate its rapid absorption and metabolism through the liver, ensuring efficient energy production for the body and brain. 

Alternatively, the more cost-effective Veganergy® 6040 MCT powder contains C8 & C10. Interestingly, C10 is recently gaining scientific attention for its  potential benefits in gut health, immune function and brain health. 

With these two options, you can meet diverse consumer demands while harnessing the unique benefits of different MCT compositions.

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Packaging options

Veganergy® Palm Free MCT powder is available in both Private Label packaging as in bulk. We offer a variety of jar types, volumes, and colours fitting your brand’s needs. If you need guidance on how to make your product stand out on the shelves, let us know, we are here to help.

Bulk bags for fat powders


Packed in bulk bags of 20kg each, with 800kg making a full pallet.

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Packaging Veganergy® Palm Free MCT Powder

Private Label

White or black jars in recyclable HDPE or PET material, with 250g and 500g as the most popular volumes. MCT powder can also be filled in pre-printed tubes and pouches!

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Design your own

We can help you develop your unique MCT-powder formulation, like a plant-based meal shake, instant Keto Latte or protein shake. Find out how we can help design your product!

Your formulation

Launch your MCT-based product in 5 easy steps!

Ready to launch your carb-free MCT powder or formulate your end product?

These are the steps to success:



And discuss.

With a MCT oil powder expert to discuss your needs! E-mail us at info@lushealth.com.



And design.

Finalize your ideal MCT-product and packaging with (L)us, to ensure your product aligns seamlessly with your brand.



And get a sample.

Receive your offer, (custom-made) samples and any other needed (QA) documents for your team to make a decision.



And receive.

Everything looks good? Place your order and receive the product in your warehouse soon!



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Place your order. Your ready-to-launch product will soon arrive in your warehouse, to provide the health benefits your customers deserve!

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Lead the palm free MCT movement

Transforming your frustration into a winning proposition for your business has been an incredible experience. Initially uncertain about finding the right carb-free product, incorporating Veganergy® Palm Free MCT powder changed everything. Now, your product not only resonates with consumers looking for an energy boost but also delights them with its clean-label goodness. It's truly rewarding to witness end-consumers enjoying a product that effortlessly supports weight loss and maintains ketosis. With Veganergy® MCT powder, you've transitioned from offering MCTs with an endless ingredient list to providing a clean, effective solution. Your brand's success propels you to the forefront of the low-carb market, positioning you as a leader in the industry. What if this could be you?

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No, we don't offer organic MCT oil powder, as organic MCT oil  does NOT exist while costing you more! What? If you want to know more about Organic MCT hoax, please reach out at info@lushealth.com.

Many! You can use it as a very stable creamer in your (carb-free) product, make a keto coffee, add to protein shakes, meal shakes but it is also used in health bars or in bakery applications. Need inspiration? Ask us, as we have built many formulations over the last years.


36 months

Of course, please get in touch with info@lushealth.com.

Are you convinced by the health benefits of MCT, but does an oil format better fit with the product you want to develop? Our product PalmFreeMCT™ Oil is available in bulk and Private Label!

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