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Natural Astaxanthin – NatAxtin®

In your effort to expand your portfolio in line with the natural and wellness trend, you will have certainly come across astaxanthin a few times. Astaxanthin is part of the carotenoid family, recognised as nature’s strongest antioxidant and well-researched in the areas of eye health, skin and inflammation.

The natural Astaxanthin we proudly use is from the brand NatAxtin®, made from Haematococcus Pluvialis and grown the way nature intended. 

Our partners from Atacama Bio provide us with a growing portfolio of astaxanthin-based ingredients that you can purchase as-is or in a product we formulate.

Natural Astaxanthin NatAxtin® ingredients and products
Developer insecure about using Natural Astaxanthin in products

The value of astaxanthin

You have noticed a growing number of products formulated with astaxanthin and seen convincing studies published across different health areas. But without an official EU health claim, what will you formulate with it?

Not being able to use a health claim can give some insecurities which we can understand, but we are here to guide you! Our experts are fully up to speed on the latest clinical trials done with astaxanthin and combine this with our extensive market research. 

We can supply the raw ingredients, off-the-shelf vegan soft gels or even a full formulation. Integrate the power of natural astaxanthin into your offerings and harvest its value!

Astaxanthin Ingredients & Formats

Natural Astaxanthin NatAxtin® Oleoresin

NatAxtin® Oleoresin 

5 & 10% Astaxanthin
Bulk (starting at 5kg)

Used in soft gels, hard capsules &
oil-based formulations

Natural Astaxanthin NatAxtin® ME Powder

NatAxtin® ME

2,5% Astaxanthin
Bulk (starting at 5kg)

Used in tablets, gummies
& hard capsules

Natural Astaxanthin NatAxtin® CWD Powder

NatAxtin® CWD

2,5% Astaxanthin
Bulk (starting at 5kg)

Used in powder formulations,
shakes & electrolytes

NatAxtin® Vegan Soft Gels

Vegan Soft Gels

4 & 8mg off-the-shelf
Private Label options
Bulk (starting at 45k)

Develop your formulation

Design your own

Custom-made formula with NatAxtin® (soft gel, liquid, powder). Find out how we can help you develop your product!

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Natural Astaxanthin product standing out on the shelves

Proud to stand out

Your astaxanthin-based product is hitting the shelves and there is little that you don’t know about this strong antioxidant. You are confident about the category you positioned the product in and speak clearly & convincingly on the health benefits, guiding users in the right direction.

You can be proud, as yet again, you stand out from the competition in the market. As a result, more and more consumers get to know your brand!

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Natural forms are attached to a fatty acid (esterified) that ensures a very high bioavailability. Synthetic forms, like those used to feed salmon, are hardly taking up by the body and demonstrate poor benefits. They are not even allowed in Food in the EU!

It is correct that is a carotenoid, but unlike Beta Carotene, it does not have any vitamin A activity.

It is grown in a 7 step process where the scale of the algae is constantly increased. In the final step the algae are stressed by sunlight and will start forming astaxanthin in their cells as a survival strategy. 

3 main systems exist. 1) Indoor with artificial light, this usually has high (energy) costs and yield a pure astaxanthin product 2) Outdoor in tubes, this has high investment cost and therefore not easy to scale, but has next to astaxanthin also additional carotenoids like beta carotene, canthaxanthin and lutein 3) Green stage: Indoor & Red Stage: outdoor. The investment cost is low and depending on the location no artificial light is needed, like those in the Atacama desert. Due to high light intensity in the red phase, additional carotenoids like beta carotene, canthaxanthin and lutein are higher then other growing systems

Additional carotenoids like beta carotene, canthaxanthin and Lutein typically make up 14% of the NatAxtin®. 

Please contact info@lushealth.com and we will supply you with a trademark agreement to review and discuss the steps.

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