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Soft Gels

Off-the-shelf Vegan Soft Gels, developed to align with your values without compromising on quality. Astaxanthin, Algal DHA or Algal Omega3to1® soft gels are available in various label claims with short lead times! These plant-based products nourish both body and planet.

Unlike traditional soft gels made from animal-based gelatin, we're dedicated to delivering plant based and animal free product. Find our product offering below!

Vegan Soft Gels

Algal Omega 3

Omega 3 from Algae, instead of fish! Animal-friendly, contaminant-free and no fishy burps. Either pure DHA soft gels made with our DMAX® DHA Algal Oil or a combination of DHA & EPA in a 3:1 ratio made with our Omega3to1® Algal Oil. Available in several standard label claims or develop your own! Download our Omega 3 brochure here.

Omega3to1® 250mg EPA DHA

250mg DHA + EPA 

Made with our Omega3to1® Algal Oil, combined in a 10 oval size soft gel delivering a minimum of 250mg DHA + EPA in total.

Omega3to1® 500mg EPA DHA

500mg DHA + EPA

Made with our Omega3to1® Algal oil, combined in a 19 oblong size soft gel delivering a minimum of 500mg DHA + EPA in total.

Omega 3 250mg DMAX® DHA

250mg DHA

Made with our DMAX® DHA Algal Oil in a 10 oval size soft gel delivering a minimum of 250mg DHA.

Develop your formulation

Design your own

A Vegan Omega 3 Soft Gel with your specific desired label claim (or addition of other ingredients). Go to our NPD form directly!

Natural Astaxanthin

Made with our NatAxtin® Oleoresin, these Vegan Soft Gels give your customers that antioxidant boost for a variety of health areas. Available in two standard label claims or develop something of your own!

Natural Astaxanthin NatAxtin® 4mg


Astaxanthin in a 5 oval soft gel, a dosage that is attractive to a wide variety of end consumers.

Natural Astaxanthin NatAxtin® 8mg


Astaxanthin in a 5 oval soft gel, the highest allowed dosage in Europe for those needing more.
Develop your formulation

Design your own

A Vegan Astaxanthin soft gel with a specific label claim? Go to our NPD form directly!

Packaging options

For Private Label, we offer a variety of packaging options in different materials, colours and volumes. Opt for a commonly used jar or go for something more e-commerce and sustainable friendly like single-material stand up pouches. Is your desired packaging not on the picture? Don’t hesitate to reach out to see if we can source it for you.

Vegan Soft Gels

Launch your Vegan Soft Gels in 5 easy steps!

Developing a successful product takes time, but it should not be difficult!

These are the steps to success:



And discuss.

Get in touch with our team of Vegan Soft Gel experts at info@lushealth.com to discuss your needs or fill out the NPD form directly!



And design.

Jointly design your unique formula or decide on the input and packaging for your off-the-shelf product.



And get a sample.

Receive your offer, (custom-made) samples and any other needed (QA) documents for your team to make a decision.



And receive.

After placing your order, you will soon receive the soft gels in your warehouse. Ready to sell or pack!



And serve.

Serve happy customers, be a leader changing the future of Vegan Soft Gels and save animals!


Carrageenan is a natural ingredient derived from seaweed, commonly used as a gelling agent in vegan soft gels. It serves as an excellent alternative to gelatin, providing the necessary structure and texture without using animal-derived products. Though we currently don’t offer carrageenan free vegan soft gels, we are working on carrageenan-free product.

MOQ with off-the-shelf soft gels starts at 45k. When the soft gels are on stock, we can deliver in 3 weeks on average.

MOQ starts at 500k vegan soft gels and the lead time depends on the complexity of the development.

Please contact info@lushealth.com and we will supply you with a trademark agreement to review and discuss the steps.

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