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PalmFreeMCT™ Oil

As a developer in the health industry, you aim to launch products that really make a difference. Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), renowned for their rapid absorption and conversion into ketones, continue to captivate consumers seeking efficient energy for the body and brain. Elevate your brand with PalmFreeMCT™ Oil - the trusted choice for modern health enthusiasts. Choose a Pure C8 oil for ultimate ketone response, C8C10 targeting a broader audience or why not create something unique for your brand? Read more to find out how.

Developer working with PalmFreeMCT™ Oil
Confused developer about the different natural Astaxanthin powders available

Standing out with MCT oil

Are you noticing that all your competitors have (bottled) MCT oil in their portfolio? You are also considering joining them, but at the same time feel hesitant, as you want to stand out and make sure you are successful. 

Launching a bottled MCT oil within weeks, while staying competitive presents challenges: understanding your positioning, finding the right supplier, and making sure you are offering a 100% coconut based MCT oil in line with environmental sustainability consumers expect from you.

We understand this all too well, being in the MCT business for years. We have helped numerous on and offline health brands launch a successful MCT oil product. And if you REALLY want to stand out? Ask for our customizable MCT oil concepts!

Unlock the versatile possibilities of MCT

Discover the benefits PalmFreeMCT™ Oil can offer, beyond the use as an oily dilutor. Whether you prefer the strong ketone response of Pure C8 for your keto consumers or the flexibility of C8C10/6040 loved by a wider audience: our products meet various needs. Or why not opt for a unique C8C10 mix to differentiate your position in the market? 

And when you are looking for a truly special formulation, you can boost MCT with other effective components fitting your target group. Think of natural Astaxanthin for mitochondrial energy support, a mix with Omega-7 oils increasing satiety, DHA & lutein for brain health or a nice flavouring for a tasty bullet coffee. The possibilities to stand out are available and we are here to help you create it!

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Packaging options

PalmFreeMCT™ Oil is available in Private Label bottles, as well as bulk formats. We offer a variety of bottle types, bottle volumes, and colours fitting your brand’s needs with a cap of your choice. If you need guidance on how to make your product stand out on the shelves, let us know, we are here to help.


Mostly used to dilute oily vitamins. Packed in Jerry Cans (25kg), drums (190kg) or full IBCs (950kg). With the latter being the most cost effective!

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PalmFreeMCT™ Oil in Private Label
Private Label

In glass or PET material, with various available colours & caps. 250ml and 500ml bottles are the most popular volumes for end consumers. MOQ starting from 1 pallet (around 800 bottles).

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Develop your formulation
Design your own

Your unique MCT-formulation, boosted with additional active ingredients or natural flavourings. Click here to find out how we can help you design for your specific target group!

Your formulation

Launch your bottled MCT oil in 5 easy steps!

Ready to take the next step and get your bottled MCT oil out there? Whether that is about standing out online or physically in health stores.  

These are the steps to success:



And discuss.

Fill out a NPD form to design your bottled MCT oil or connect with a LUS Health MCT oil expert, e-mail us!



And design.

Finalize your ideal MCT-product and packaging with (L)us, to ensure your product aligns seamlessly with your brand.



And get a sample.

Receive your offer, (custom-made) samples and any other needed (QA) documents for your team to make a decision.



And receive.

Everything looks good? Place your order and receive the product in your warehouse soon!



And serve.

Place your order. Your ready-to-launch product will soon arrive in your warehouse, to provide the health benefits your customers deserve!

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Lead the palm free MCT movement

Yes! You decided to join the PalmFreeMCT™ Oil family and you are happy you did! From online reviews you read how consumers enjoy the health benefits of your MCT oil product; From enhanced energy & weight loss, to improved mental clarity. Seeing the high reorder rate of the product makes you feel proud! The bottle type you picked fits seamlessly within your product portfolio. With each sale, your brand gains recognition and becomes a leading company among conscious customers who value quality and sustainability.

Contact our MCT experts to help you launch your product, so that your customers can enjoy the benefits soon!


The MOQ for bulk starts at 190kg for a drum and 200kg for jerry cans. Bottled MCT oil goes from 1 full pallet (about 800 bottles for a 500ml volume).

When the oil and packaging is on stock, about 4-5 weeks (depending on where the delivery address is).

Yes we can help, simply reach out to info@lushealth.com. Or check out this page to find out how we can help you develop your formulation!

No, we don't offer organic MCT oil powder, as organic MCT oil  does NOT exist while costing you more! What? If you want to know more about Organic MCT hoax, please reach out at info@lushealth.com.

We don't help with the design of the label as we are not a design agency, but we do provide a free label check to advise you on complying with the EU regulations. It is not our responsibility that the label content meets the regulations.

Are you convinced by the health benefits of MCT, but does a powder format better fit with the product you want to develop? Click here to go to our product page about Veganergy® Palm Free MCT Powder!

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