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Algal Omega 3

As a (business) developer at a supplement brand you may be looking to launch a plant-based omega 3 product fitting your target group. 

Our algae oil portfolio provides the ingredients that we can use to design your unique proposition in the format that works best in your market. Whether it's soft gels, pipette bottles, or liquid formats, we provide customizable ratios of EPA & DHA. Potentially enriched with vitamins & other actives to captivate your consumers.

Algal omega 3 liquid and soft gels - no fish
Developer is doubtful about finding the right omega 3 product

Create a unique EPA & DHA product

So many brands offer the same product with either just DHA or DHA:EPA in a 2:1 ratio. If you would launch the same, why should a consumer choose your product?

We understand this fear all too well and are here to assist you in creating unique products.

Not only do we offer ready-to-go vegan soft gels with our exclusive Omega3to1® algal oil at low MOQ. We also offer help to custom-formulate droppers, liquid oil products, soft gels, and hard capsules that fit your brand and give it that uniqueness so you can stand out from the crowd.

Algal Omega 3 Ingredients & Formats

Algal Omega3to1®

Min 480mg DHA & EPA
DHA & EPA in a 3:1 ratio


DMAX® 450 Algal DHA

Min 450mg DHA/g
Naturally high in DHA

Algal Omega 3 Vegan Soft Gels

Vegan Soft Gels

2 off-the-shelf options
Customisation possible

Algal Omega 3 Pipette Bottles

Pipette Bottles

Your custom formula

Algal Omega 3 Liquid Formula

Liquid Formula

100-250 ml 
Your custom formula


Become the algal oil leader

You know that algal omega 3 is here to stay and with that in mind you create the products that your consumers need and that will bring you success! With unique formulations you have not only created a near perfect product-market fit, you are also avoiding commoditization and thereby bringing long-term value to your business. 

You have now set the standard for the industry. You feel you are recognised as a leader when the followers of tomorrow try to copy your success & fail.

Brochure Algal Omega 3
Brochure Algal Omega 3


Reorder rate


Unique products launched per year


Average development time 30 days*

* From idea to product acceptance

Brochure Algal Omega 3


Reorder rate


Unique products launched per year


Average development time 30 days*

* From idea to product acceptance

Launch your product in 5 easy steps

Developing a successful product takes time, but it should not be difficult!

These are the steps to success:



And discuss.

Get in touch with our plant-based experts at info@lushealth.com to discuss your needs!



And design.

Jointly design your unique formula or decide on the requirements for your off-the-shelf product or ingredient.



And get a sample.

Receive your offer, (custom-made) samples and any other needed (QA) documents for your team to make a decision.



And receive.

Everything looks good? Place your order and receive the product in your warehouse soon!



And serve.

Serve happy customers, be a leader making a positive impact on the health of people and the planet!


In algal oil there is 480mg/g of EPA & DHA, whereas in the most common fish oil (anchovy) this 280mg/g. Anchonvy has about 3% oil. So to create 1 kg of 280mg EPA & DHA you need 33kg of fish. To then get to 480mg you take a factor of 480/280 = 1,7. 33kg x 1,7 = 56kg of fish.

This stand for Total Oxidation Value which is measured by 2 x peroxide value and 1 x para-anasidine value

Please get in touch on info@lushealth.com or check out this page how we can help you develop your formulation.

most common used are for general well-being, heart health, brain health, inflammation management and eye health.

Yes, so many! Please contact us as info@lushealth.com if you are in need of guidance

As algae are grown in a closed environment, no pollutants get into the product. The oil is safe and is only refined lightly to remove oxidation products.

The algae, schizochytrium, are grown in fermentation vessels until maturity. Once a batch is done, it is treated with enzymes to release the oil which is then separated and lightly refined until put in their final container. 

Please contact info@lushealth.com and we will supply you with a trademark agreement to review and discuss the steps.

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